Aikari, Twilight Elves

The Aikari are also known as the Twilight Fey, or as Dark Elves. The Aikari originated as a result of the magical radiation of their city of Endahar. However, since Moonfall, and the sealing of the Elemental Cities on separate planes, the Aikari have been unnable to return home. Shortly after Moonfall they set off in search of Endahar. They found the a natural shadow vortex in the Khagi mountains on the west coast of Eridor, where they began to rebuild their city. However, after a few generations the rulers of the Aikari began to grow prideful. They bargained their souls in return for power, and when the daemons came to collect, a curse was placed on the entire race. After a brief war the Aikari cities were ashes and the survivors vowed to never again be ruled again.

Aikari are best characterized by a fierce independent streak that runs through the heart of their race, mostly as a result of past oppression, by their own leaders and that of the Nephilim. Most Aikari also carry a burden of sadness due to the loss of their home, a place now cloaked in mystery, and the Shadow Curse plagues many of those Aikari who choose to leave their nocturnal communities.
Aikari share the connection with the natural world with elves, as both originate from the same stock. In modern times they live in small coastal villages, often no larger than a few hundred. They are excellent woodsmen and fishermen, though few Aikari boats range far from their villages. They have also become adept warriors, as the Shadow Vortex, both a comfort and bane, has continually spawned daemons for centuries.

Physical Description
Most Aikari stand just over 6 feet tall, and are long and lanky, and not as fragile as their elven kin. Their ears come to a more elongated point than the Kalan elves, and are a source of pride, as they mark status through earrings, usually the greater number meaning a more respected member of the community. Aikari skin is pale and they sunburn easily. Their primary characteristic are their red eyes, ranging from a deep ruby red to light pink. Aikari hair color ranges from light brown to deep black.

Aikari society revolves around their clan, which is composed of extended family. Aikari villages may only contain two or three clans at the most. Clans are governed by the elders, with village wide decisions being made by a council of elders, who may gain their status not just from age but also by skill. Village life centers around the sea, and most Aikari are at home on boats and in the water. They also supplement the bounty of the sea with small farm plots, and plants and animals taken from the forests that surround the areas in which they live. Those Aikari who choose to hunt daemons are known as the Kiradin and may come from any clan.

Aikari tend to view other races and cultures simply, with a tendency to take things at face value. This apparent naivety has caused other races to view them as gullible, and they are sometimes perceived as primitive, especially by the Kalani elves. Their nocturnal habits have resulted them being labeled as strange, and adds to the slightly otherworldly nature they sometimes have.

Alignment and Religion
Most Aikari are chaotic neutral with leanings toward good. They are generally good natured, and pleasant to be around, but a wistful sadness sometimes affects them as racial memories of their lost homeland resurface. Aikari value their independence and many of their tales relate the folly of pride. Most Aikari venerate the natural world, and their religious leaders are often druids or witches. Of the Aeons, Aikari are most likely to worship Ikatere, the Aeon of Waves. Music also plays an important part in Aikari society, and many great bards have come from their lands.

Those Aikari found outside of their villages are usually Kiradin, the Daemon Hunters. The Kiradin are fond of a inversely curved single edged blade known as a romphaia, and often craft armor from the bones of fallen daemons. Some Aikari are infected by an insatiable wanderlust, and travel the world looking for their lost city. Aikari are capable warriors and arcane spellcasters, however they show a general distaste for wizardry.

Male Names : Akash, Sagar, Kavarin, Rahin, Kadin
Female Names : Amani, Dani, Remi, Lahana

Aikari Racial Traits
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom :Aikari are quick and charming, but are gullible.
Medium : Aikari are Medium creatures and have no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Normal Speed : Aikari have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision (Ex): Aiakari can see in the dark up 60 feet.
Superior Low-Light Vision (Ex): Aikari can see four times as far as humans in low light conditions.
Light Sensitivity (Ex): An Aikari is dazzled as long as they remain in an area of bright light. This is also known among the Aikari as the Shadow Curse.
Fey Heritage : Aikari are immune to magic sleep effects and get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.
Stealthy : Aikari receive a +2 racial bonus to Stealth skill checks.
Hatred : Aikari recieve a +1 racial bonus to attack and damage rolls made against creatures of the daemon subtype due to special training against daemons.
Weapon Familiarity : Aikari are proficient with nets and treat romphaias as martial weapons.
Languages : Aikari begin play knowing Khagan, and Tradespeak. Aikari with high intelligence scores may begin play with the following languages:Eridoran, Kobaloi, and Kalanel.


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