Asendyr, Dragon-Elves

The Asendyr are descendants of the Exiles and elves, who gathered together at the City of Storms after Moonfall. While the last of the Exiles are now dead, they passed their traits onto the Asendyr, a rarely seen or even known race. As they shapechangers, they often masquerade as another race when traveling. Asendyr believe that they are charged with a divine right to watch over, but not interfere with the world.

Physical Description
The Asendyr usually stand between five and half and six feet tall, weighing around 180 to 200 lbs. Asendyr are striking in appearance, with silvery hair and skin, and reflective, iridescent eyes. Their teeth are noticeably pointed, but their most distinguishing characteristic are their ear frills, which are the same general size and shape of Kalani elves, but appear similar to a bat’s wing. Few, however ever see an Asendyr’s natural form.

Asendyr are descended from the Exiles, and have retained some of their culture and ability. The home of the Asendyr people is the hidden City of Storms, on Eridor. They are ruled by the twenty members Elder Council, whose posts can only be held by Asendyr who are over a thousand, and in one case is a River Dragon. Most Asendyr do not venture from their citadel city, choosing to spend their long lives creating works of art and craftsmanship. The City of Storms itself is a massive citadel, perched on high sea cliffs, with countless entrances dotting the cliff side. The citadel is surrounded by a perpetual storm, with the eye centered on the city. Asendyr tend to work for one Councilor or another, driven by a mission to watch over and warn the world of the return of the Three. They travel throughout Saroth disguised as members of the other races, recording history, researching, and searching for pre-Moonfall artifacts. Recently their have been reports of Asendyr assassins, but none know who they report to, but rumors suggest they worship the Rogue Daemon, Kuschei.

The Asendyr do their best to get along well with the other races, and most do not even realize they are another race. They trade crafted goods and knowledge under the guise of another race. Those few who do know of their existence see them as sinister beings, attempting to alter world events, though most Asendyr would deny this vehemently.

Alignment and Religion
Most Asendyr are neutral. They tend to worship the entirety of the Aeonic pantheon, but are not particularly devout. Asendyr clerics are unknown. They do have a reverence for knowledge and learning, as well as art and music, and Asendyr culture focuses around these elements. Arcane magic is prevalent among them.

Asendyr adventure for knowledge, some spending their whole lives researching a single people or period of history.

Male Names: Koresh, Syndar, Tavian.
Female Names: Liara, Tellina, Celies.

Asendyr Racial Traits
+2 to one Ability Score: the Asendyr are a varied race.
Medium: Asendyr are Medium creatures and have no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Normal Speed: Asendyr have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision(Ex): Asendyr can see in the dark up 60 feet.
Low-Light Vision(Ex): Asendyr can see twice as far as humans in low light conditions.
Keen Senses: Asendyr receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception.
Shapechanger(Su): Asendyr may assume the form of any medium humanoid creature once per day, with an indefinite duration. The form assumed is also of the same gender as their natural form. They resume their natural form if killed. Otherwise functions as Change Shape(Alter Self).
Draconic Heritage: Asendyr are immune to magic sleep effects and paralysis effects.
Languages: Asendyr begin play knowing Old Rhyltan, Rhyltani. Asendyr with high intelligence scores begin play knowing any of the common languages.


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