Races | Dumaki, The Children of Thunder

Physical Description
The Dumaki were created to be front line combatants in the Daemon War directly from the Nephelim’s own blood and infused with earth mana. They appear to be powerful, imposing humanoids. A Dumaki usually stand between 7 to 8 feet tall, and weigh between 300 and 400 lbs. They have dermal mineral deposits, giving them distinct lithoderm ridges, and they have a prominent brow, slight tusks, swept back horns, and thick hair, normally worn as dreadlocks. They have slightly pointed ears, and skin coloration is earth tones, from a dark gray to shades of brown. Dumaki are typically dressed in simple hides, rough clothing, and furs, appropriate to the mountainous regions that they call home.

The Dumaki inhabit the mountainous regions of Meridar, including the Dragonback Mountains near Krathnia and the Talios range near Iridia. Dumaki live in small villages, usually located on the edges of coniferous forests. They grow a few cold tolerant crops, as well as herding a llama-like creature, known as turruk. They supplement their diet with plants and animals harvested and hunted from the mountains. Dumaki hunt and defend their lands using large mighty composite longbows of unique manufacture, called Ari.
A typical Dumaki village will be only three or four families, usually with one or two young in each. Young Dumaki grow quickly, maturing in only 10 years. However, they usually live significantly longer than humans, with an average lifespan of around 250. A Dumaki home is usually half below ground and usually made of stone, roofed in sod.
In the early days of their race, they were raised and trained for war by the Nephelim, and a few bands have recently felt the call to battle, and sold their services as mercenaries. Most other Dumaki consider these bands to be renegades, and refuse to associate with them. The renegade bands are referred to as “Karshad”, meaning “blood-seekers” in Dumaki language.

Aside from the Karshad, most Dumaki have little contact with the outside world. They do trade on occasion for durable goods, usually in exchange for hides, herbs, or allek, a soft cloth woven from turruk wool. Most other races regard them as primitives. Also, the Orferi and the Dumaki have been known to work together on occasion, and both cultures share many of the same values.

Alignment and Religion
Most Dumaki are neutral, with no strong tendencies to any alignment extremes. Most Dumaki do not honor a specific deity, but choose to worship the Aeons as a whole, religious leaders may be druids, oracles, or witches. Dumaki clerics are unheard of.

Any Dumaki encountered outside of their village are exiles. Reasons for exile can be many, however, once exiled they may never return. These Dumaki often choose to travel the world. The renegade bands of the Karshad have recently begun to take in exiles, which disturbs many, Dumaki or not.

Names: Dumaki all possess two names, their clan name, which is a signifier of lineage, and a personal name.
Clan Names: Kiek, Lygech, Zyngon, Laipioti.

Male Names: Kendoj, Merdac, Korlin.

Female Names: Aizitu, Serti, Bukuri.

Dumaki Racial Traits
+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma: The Dumaki are exceptionally strong and quick, but are fearsome in appearance.
Medium: Dumaki are Medium creatures and have no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Normal Speed: Dumaki have a base speed of 30 feet.
Giant’s Grip(Ex): Dumaki may wield weapons intended for Large creatures without the -2 penalty.
Lithoderms(Ex): A Dumaki has +2 bonus to natural armor, due to the mineral deposits in their skin.
Altitude Adaptation: Dumaki are adapted to life at high altitides, and thus don’t suffer altitude sickness. They are always considered acclimated to life at high altitudes.
Wild Culture: The Dumaki gain a +2 racial bonus to both Knowledge(Nature) and Survival skill checks.
Weapon Familiarity: Dumaki are familiar with the use of ari longbows, both normal and composite.
Illiterate: Dumaki do not keep written records, however, they may spend ranks in Linguistics to obtain the ability to read and write in any language they know at first level. Any new languages learned do not require extra ranks to be able to read and write in it.
Languages: Dumaki begin play knowing Domaian and Tradespeak (Spoken only). Dumaki with high intelligence scores may begin play with the following languages: Iridian, Krathnian.


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