Empire of Drohen

Meridar: Empire of Drohen

I. Geography
Location: Southern Meridar Peninsula
Climate: Temperate

Terrain: Forrest, Plains, Hills, Mountains

II. Demographics
Total Population: ~1,000,000
Major Cities:
Drohen, Drohen Province ~ 100,000 huge mega sprawl, Capital City
Eichen, Eisen Province
Turan, Turan Province =>Tech Innovators
Senheit, Dresen Province
Rachein, Zuraden Province =>Magic Innovators, State Magi
Fikhein, Samkeit Province
“Foriegn” Provinces & Cities
Enkali, Meruta Province
Delai, Meruta Province

III. Economics
Primary Trades: Industrial Agriculture, Industrial goods, Steel, Machinery (Farming, mining, etc; primarily steam powered)
Coinage: Kurat
Taxes and Tithes: 30%
Trading Partners: Worldwide, primary exclusion of Iridia

IV. Politics
Political System: Democratic Republic, Senators elected to 10 yr terms
Cultural Tendencies: General public isn’t well educated, huge lower class. Rich-poor gap is very wide.
Legal Issues: Beneath the capital city is the Undercity, the Imperial Prison.
Social Classes: No enumerated classes, however there is a strong sense among the rich that the poor are poor for a reason.

V. War and Other Calamities
Military & Structure: Conscript based, Drohen has an impressive navy and air force, however their primary strength comes from their infantry. Low training times mean that they can get soldiers out quickly, primarily armed with mageguns. Drohen also has a program specifically for magic users, and it offers incredible benefits: living and research expenses, on par with the upper class. The State Magus can expect combat only once or twice a year(always very short duration: weeks at the most) and access to the best magical training and research available. Drohen has been expanding for the last 20 yrs, and now is the largest country in the world, in terms of population.
Other Calamities: none

VI. Religion
Importance: Very, to the lower classes.
Notes: Drohen is a mishmash of many religions, however one religion and its innumerable sects dominates, Schaffeni. Members are known as schaffenists, and they worship an unnamed God, who is said to have created the cosmos, they take their name from the first prophet of the religion, Schaffen Drohen. Meruta Province has its own religion, based on Jihara (cosmic balance) and ancestor worship. Illoc Province (the previous theocracy of Illoc) has had its religion cast down and outlawed, Dosser, and many practicing Dosserites have gone to ground.

VII. Magic
Density: High
Magic Items: One of the Republic’s most well known inventions is the steam engine, a competitor of the Iridian spirit engine. They utilize pyrolith as a heat source.
Superstition: There is a general feeling among the people that magic is untrustworthy, and difficult. Added to this is a sentiment that State Magi tainted by evil.

Restrictions: Must be licensed by the State Magi
Unique: Mage-guns, which fire a projectile with a small build-up of mana that is explosively discharged. Because they lack the ability to create spirit engines none of the Empire’s armies use mana cannons.

VIII. Technology
The people of the Republic are excellent at building various mechanical devices.

Empire of Drohen

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