Soren, Hawk Men

The Soren are humans who have made use of a symbiotic life-form called the Palii. In exchange for providing the Soren with their wings, the Soren protect and care for the Palii.

Physical Description
The Soren appear like ordinary humans, but with one changed aspect, their eyes. Long exposure to the Palii have granted them extraordinary vision and all Soren have gold irises. They tend to be slightly shorter and thinner than a normal human, with an average height and weight around five and half feet, and weighing about 120 lbs. Soren females are slightly shorter and lighter than males. Skin tone is a light tan, and hair color ranges from dark brown to blonde.

Soren society is based around two things: protecting the Palii and the Tower of Winds. The Tower is their holiest place, founded shortly after Moonfall. They are ruled by a hereditary King, with an unbroken chain back to the first ruler, Antelus Soren. The King rules from small palace at the base of the Tower.
Most Soren live their lives out on the mesas they call home. growing crops and living in cliff-side aeries. They augment their vegetable crops by hunting, and are excellent archers and spearmen. Soren villages usually number around 100 persons, with about a third as younglings, Soren who have yet to receive their symbiont, which marks the transition from child to adult.
Their relationship with the Palii symbionts is deep and complex, with the location of the Palii Caverns deeply guarded. Once received the Bonded (the pairing of symbiont and Soren) remain such for life. Every so often a Palii gets a calling and asks their Bonded to return to the caverns to share their knowledge with the Unbound. This is a hidden rite that usually lasts only a few days, and is adhered to strictly by the Soren. Soren and Palii share a mutual respect, and pairings are selected carefully so that they will not be in conflict. The Unbonded Palii serve as archives for the Soren, storing information in communal memory, accessible only within the Crystal Caverns.
The true power of the Tower of Winds remains a secret.

Soren tend to get along well with the other races, as long as they respect the Sorens’ privacy, and do not ask to deeply about the Tower or the Palii. The Soren are often envied by other races, and few understand that the Palii are the source of their wings.

Alignment and Religion
The Soren faith is based around Samiel the Aeon of Wind. They guard his temple the Tower of Winds, as well as worshiping his principles of knowledge and combat. Soren are usually neutral with leanings toward good. The Palii must also be mentioned here, as they play such an important role to the Soren. The Palii believe in gathering and teaching knowledge for its own sake and this view affects the Soren as well. Palii tend toward neutral, and Palii-Soren pairs are carefully selected to match alignment.

Soren often wander the lands in search of new information and experiences, driven by both their religion and the Palii thirst for knowledge. They take great joy in collecting and telling of stories, and often search out historic places.

Soren Racial Traits
+2 to Any One Ability Score: Soren have varied abilities.
Medium: Soren are Medium creatures and have no penalties or bonuses due to their size.
Normal Speed: Soren have a base speed of 30 feet.
Palii Symbiont: The source of a Soren’s wings, Palii symbionts have benefits and drawbacks as related below.
Keen Vision: Soren a +4 racial bonus to Perception checks based on vision.
Languages: Soren begin play speaking knowingPaliian and Tradespeak. Soren with high intelligence scores may begin play with Krathnian, Drohenian, or Iridian.

Palii Symbiont CR 1/4
100 XP
N Diminutive Aberration
Init: +3; Senses: Blindsense 15 ft. ; Perception: +4 +
AC: 18, touch 16, flat-footed 16, (+2 natural, +2 Dex, +4 size)
HP: 3
Fort: +0; Ref: +2; Will: +2
Speed: 5 ft.
Melee: bite -1 (1)
Space: 1ft.; Reach: 0 ft.
Str 1, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 10; Ego 6
Base Atk +0; CMB -9; CMD 3
Feats Skill Focus(Knowledge (any one))
Skills Perception +4, Knowledge(any one) +7, Stealth +9
SQ symbiont, wings, gauntlet form, feeding, telepathy
Environment underground (Palii Crystal Caverns only)
Organization solitary, clutch (2-4)
Special Abilities
Symbiont(Ex) A symbiont has an ego score, and just like an intelligent magic item, if a personality conflict occurs, the host must make a Will save (DC = symbiont’s ego), or the symbiont becomes dominant. Dominance last for one day, or until a critical situation occurs. When bonded to its host the symbiont gains a number of advantages. It acts on its host’s turn, regardless of its own initiative modifier. It is not flat-footed unless its host is and it is aware of any danger its host is aware of. If bonded to a visible portion of the host body, opponents can attack the symbiont instead of the host. This works the same way as attacking an object: the symbiont gains the benefit of the host’s Dexterity modifier to AC instead of its own, and gains any deflection bonus to AC the host has as well. Its own size modifier and natural armor bonus apply. Attacking a symbiont provokes an attack of opportunity from the host. The symbiont never takes damage from attacks directed at the host, and usually is not affected by spells. However, if the host rolls a 1 on its saving throw a symbiont is one of the “magic items” that may be affected. The symbiont uses the host’s base saving throw bonuses if they are better than its own.
Wings(Ex) Palii symbionts grant their host creature feathered wings, appropriate for the host’s size, that allow the host to glide for a short time. A host may fly as a move action for up to 30 feet and must begin and end their move on a solid surface. This may also be made as a full round action for a total distance of 60 feet.
Gauntlet Form(Ex) An attached Palii symbiont grants a +1 shield bonus to the host creature’s AC, and the host may not use a shield or wear magic items that use the gloves or shield slot.
Feeding(Ex) Palii symbionts feed on their hosts, and cause one point of Constitution damage per day, ordinarily the host regains one lost Constitution point that night, just before the symbiont feeds again, keeping the host at an equilibrium point of -1 to its normal Constitution.
Telepathy(Su) Palii symbionts communicate telepathically with their hosts, as long as the host knows at least one language. Palii may also communicate telepathically with other Palii within 5 ft.
Palii symbionts live within the crystal caverns beneath the mesas of western Meridar. They are unable to survive long outside of the caverns without a host, and the Soren people have long made use of the Palii in exchange for protecting their caverns and providing hosts. They resemble a fist sized chunk of crystal veined rock in their natural state, and when attached take a form similar to that of a gauntlet made of the same material. Individual attached Palii often alter their appearance to a limited degree. Palii are collectors of knowledge, and are driven to gain a host so they may experience the world outside their caverns.


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