Daemons, creature


Daemons spawn from the Rhavir Crater, in Iridia, through shadow vortexes, and sometimes by simply shifting onto the Material Plane. They are wholly evil, caring for nothing but the complete destruction of all life. Saroth sports three main types of daemons, with the darklings and d’Shiadoi being relatively common, and thankfully Phasma rarely appear on the Material Plane.
All share a soul-hunger, and crave the nourishment of mortal spirits.

The most common form of daemon, the kobaloi are also known as darklings. They were once human and elven, but were twisted into soulless beings by the phasma. Possessing only a limited but cunning intelligence, they wouldn’t be much of a problem if not for their numbers and ravenous hunger.

Lesser Daemons
Capable spellcasters and strategists, the D’Shiadoi are intelligent, ruthless foes. They are to be deeply feared. The D’Shiadoi are darklands energy brought into physical form by the phasma, and have been know to spontaneously generate near sites were great evils have been committed. They are the only known daemons to bargain with mortals, often exchanging offers of power or wealth in exchange for a steady stream of souls. The Aikari elves cursed their entire race a result of these bargains and the Shiadan were born from D’Shiadoi and human interbreeding.

Greater Daemons
Phasma are spoken of in hushed tones. The phasma have almost godlike power, and their origin remains a mystery.

Daemons, creature

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