Meridar: Nosgoth

I. Geography
Location: Central Dragonback Sea
Climate: Warm

Terrain: Plains, Hills, Mountains, Nosden Volcano

II. Demographics
Total Population: 150,000
Major Cities: Nosgoth
Races: 85% Kinzer, 12% human, 3% other

III. Economics
Primary Trades: Agriculture, Brewers, Smiths, Artificers, Gunsmiths
Coinage: Octal(8 sp)
Taxes and Tithes: 15%
Trading Partners: Worldwide

IV. Politics
Political System: Council Elect, 20 yr terms, 8 Councilors
Cultural Tendencies: Openness, meritocracy
Legal Issues: none remarkable
Social Classes: elgalitarian

V. War and Other Calamities
Military & Structure: All Kinzer are at least partially trained in the art of war. They all go through battle training as a part of their education. While they possess a small formal military, all Nos Kinzer respond to the call of arms. The few maintain troops are incredibly well-trained, and they possess one of the finest military schools on Meridar, the Kallaz Academy.
Other Calamities: Nosden volcano, the volcano dominates life on the island. It has regular ash eruptions every winter (what they call winter, temps around 80 F), known as Ashfall, these eruptions last about a month. The volcano is otherwise stable.

VI. Religion
Importance: Medium.
Notes: Home to the Temple of Fire and its monks, the Nos Kinzer rely on them for spiritual guidance. The monks of the Temple are known as the Brotherhood of Fire, and are excellent martial artists.

VII. Magic
Density: Normal
Magic Items: none
Superstition: All Nos Kinzer homes feature a shrine to Agni.

Restrictions: none
Unique: none

VIII. Technology
The Nos Kinzer invented gunpowder, however, they have yet to adopt the more modern firearms, preferring the “reliability” of the musket and arquebus. Their early experiments with clockwork firing mechanisms produced unreliable weapons at best, and useless in actual combat.


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