Meridar: Velan

I. Geography
Location:Central Meridar Desert
Climate: Warm, arid
Terrain: Desert, Cliffs
Notes: Velan is a desert city-state located in the Talyr Canyon Valley where the Talyr River forks into the Upper Talyr and Lower Talyr rivers.

II. Demographics
Total Population: 50,000
Major Cities: Velan, the city-state, also several villages up and down the Talyr rivers.

III. Economics
Primary Trades: Magical goods and services. Some foodstuffs, primarily maize and wheat.
Coinage: The majils(equal to 1 sp)
Taxes and Tithes: 10% on regualar trade goods, 5% on magical goods and services.
Trading Partners: Most of the world, many noble families send their children to be educated in the arcane arts at the Velani University. Hated by Krathnians.

IV. Politics
Political System: Velani Magi Council (rules Velani University), Velani City Council (rules Velan and surrounding villages)
Cultural Tendencies: Openness, Egalitarian Democracy
Legal Issues: Casting of enchantment spells is outlawed, divination is frowned upon, and Necromancy in any form is illegal (death penalty).
Social Classes: Magi (the first among equals), and everyone else.

V. War and Other Calamities
Military & Structure: Velan does not maintain an active military, but the villages and city do maintain a Citizen’s Militia, mostly in defense against desert monsters. Velan’s location is uncontested territory, and they are the only civilized nation in 500 miles.

VI. Religion
Importance: Mild
Notes: The Velani tend to worship the Aeons, but have no formal churches or temples.

VII. Magic
Density: Very High
Magic Items: Velan the largest market for magical goods, and discounts (up to 30%) may be found here. Velan also has a tradition of tattooing, and Arcane Tattoos can be found there.
Superstition: none

Restrictions: Necromancy illegal(death penalty), casting of charm spells illegal.
Unique: Arcane Tattoos

VIII. Technology
Velan does not employ many technologies of note, preferring magical solutions, they are fond of printing presses.


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